Yes. Your customers don’t like the way you talk to them.


Well your questionnaires and suggestions boxes are NOT USEFUL. 

For customers, completing questionnaires and adding to suggestion boxes are non-essential tasks for which they have NO time.

This is a problem for businesses because they need to connect with their customers, and use that connection to satisfy them.
This will  increase will lead to customer retention, and reduce customer attrition and you and I know losing customers is a no no.

OK. How?

Make answering fun.

Each questionnaire needs to be more interactive. It needs to provide an ‘enjoyable experience’ for the customers. It needs ANIMATION.

How can we get customers to express themselves using ‘enjoyable experiences’ ?

Emojis!  Yes emojis. Each day we use emojis to express how we feel. They are unique, expressive and they get to the point without needing to use too many words. This is what questionnaires need; a more interactive easily understood way for customers to tell you how they feel.

So How can I create these ‘emojis based’ questionnaires?

All you need is Fun 😬 and an App😁 and fortunately, our app provides both.HAPPY REPLY is an emoji based research instrument that allows businesses to create questionnaires that persuade customers to complete them.

Happy Reply connects you with your customers and all you need to do is use that connection to keep them coming back. All this ends in increasing your revenue and you and I know that is what you want.

Since you want to deeply understand your customers , let’s talk.



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