Our Lovable Features, More Value For You

As we interact with you we find new valuable features that would really improve how you build emoji questionnaires, how you analyze the information, and how you use that information to engage your customers better.

Here is list of new valuable features that we know improves your experience as you use our product.


Feature #1

New Dashboard to give you information at a glance

Our new dashboard gives you a summary of all the relevant questions that you would want answered.

  • How many questions were completed?
  • How many questions were skipped?
  • What is the total number of surveys created?
  • What is the total of responses for the all the surveys created?
  • Top 10 most and Top 10 worst completed questionnaires

Feature #2

Emoji Questionnaires people love – Not a new feature, just a reminder 🙂

No more boring, unattractive, useless questionnaires. Our emoji questionnaires catch the attention of your customers encouraging customer responses.

A complete guide is provided on our  HowTo blog post.There you will find all the instructions you need to empower you to build questionnaires that connects with your customers.

Email, Phone, Name Fields – These input fields are new though 🙂

We have also added new input fields question types section. The email, phone and name field allows customers to add more personal information to your questionnaires. You can use these fields at events to register your event attendees and prompt customers to register for your newsletter which will enable you to constantly engage your customers and event attendees.


Feature #3

Templates make your life easier

Having to build questionnaires from scratch is boring and not necessary is many cases. Enter Happy Templates to the rescue. Our templates provide predefined questions and emoji responses that gives you the help you need to easily build emoji questionnaires people love.

Here is How it works

Step 1: Select the Template Section on the navigation bar.

Step 2: Hover the cursor over the template you want to use

  • A plus icon will appear


Step 3: Select the plus icon

  • A dialog box will appear with survey name and survey description fields.


Step 4: Add the requested information to those fields

Step 5: Select the create survey button

  • You will be redirected to the new questionnaire view where you can edit the template and customize it to what you want.

Feature #4

Scheduled  Reporting

An analytics report will be automatically generated and sent  weekly to the people who need to see them, so that you don’t have to remember to log in and do it yourself. You can add all the persons who should receive that scheduled report.

Feature #5

Toggle between Charts and Table feature

How your information is represented to you is critical, because having vast amounts of information without being able to understand it is not very useful. This is why we have added to our table feature, a charts feature and now you have the option to toggle between the table or chart view of the information collected. The chart provides a more visual explanation of the information which will make it more easily understood, allowing you to have better discussions about the customer responses.

Here is how it works

Step 1: Select the reports section on the navigation bar

  • You will be navigated to the reports view which shows you the table default  view
  • Above the table view you will see a horizontal list of buttons that include the toggle feature which is labeled table as its default.


Step 2: Select the table button and it will change to charts, specifically pie charts.

  • This view will change from table view to charts view  to give you a different representation of the information.


Feature #6

Download and Email Report

While having access to the online version of the report analytics is valuable we know you also want to have a pdf version of the report to send your co-workers, save on your computer, or print for a meeting. This is the reason we’ve added our download and email report feature

Here is how it works


Step 1: Select the reports section on the navigation bar.

  • You will be navigated to the list of all questionnaires that you have created.


Step 2: Select the questionnaire that you want to see the report for

  • On the bottom right corner of reports view, below the view responses section, you will see a list of options two of which is the  email and download command.


For The Email Option

Step 3: Select the email option

  • A  dialogue box will appear prompting you to enter you email


Step 4: Enter the email recipient

Step 5: Select the email survey button


For Download Option

Step 5: Select the download button that is right beside the email button

  • A pdf version of the report will appear which you can save on your computer or print for your meeting.


Feature #7

Questionnaire Widget

There are multiple touchpoints at which the customer interacts with your business and we believe it is necessary to easily capture customer feedback at any of these touchpoints. One of these touchpoints is your website, some would argue that this is the most important touchpoint if you are an internet company and this is why we’ve built our Questionnaire Widget.

This is one of our valuable features that you can use to get to know what your customer feels about their experience.

Here is how it works

Step 1: Select the widget option on the navigation bar

  • You will be navigated to a button labelled *Generate Widget*


Step 2: Select the generate widget button

  • A questionnaire widget will be generated containing various emoji options and its corresponding embed code snippet to be used on your website. 


Step 3: Select any emoji icon

  • A list of emojis will appear giving you the option to edit the default emoji icons that are there.


Step 4: Copy the code snippet that is there

<happyreply-widget token="fdeb17ae73358cc1d164584cf02a7786" ><happyreply-widget>

<script src="http://widget.happyreply.com/dist/happyreply-widget.js"></script>

Step 4: Embed the code snippet on your website



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