How our Happy Community functions and How it benefits you 😃

What is the Happy Community?

How can I be apart of it?

How does it benefit me?

What do I have to do it in to get the benefits?

These are the questions that come to mind since I have been attempting to explain it to persons I meet, so let’s go through each.

What is the Happy Community?

The Happy Community is a group of persons who express how they feel about their customer experience with businesses they buy products and services from each day in exchange for gifts e.g. credit card and tokens e.g. discounts.

Essentially you tell businesses about your experience using our emoji-questionnaires and then you get certain rewards in return for that.

How can I be apart of it?

Sign up here to be apart of the community.

In the sign up process you will be asked about the businesses you interact with regularly across industries e.g. Finance, Tourism, Manufacturing, HealtCare, Food and the list goes on.

That. is. it!! 😆. Now you are apart of the community and will have the WONDEROUS opportunity to get value for the service (telling businesses about your customer experiences), you provide.

How does it benefit me?

You get gifts e.g. credit cards and tokens e.g. discounts. So all those lovely products that you crave discounts on everyday… We will get them for you!!!

Easy Easy Easy.

What do I have to do to get the benefits?

Simply answer questionnaires that will be sent to you using the email you gave when you signed up and also the account that you have with us.

Each time you get an emoji questionnaire, complete the questionnaire.

Summarize it for me

 Sign up.

Choose the businesses you interact with regularly from the list provided.

Complete emoji-questionnaires sent to your email address and in your Happy Community Account.

Get gifts e.g. credit cards, and tokens e.g. discounts

This is minimal work for serious benefits, something we all love!!!

If you have any questions here is my contact

You can also reach out to me on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter if you have any more questions you want answered immediately.

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