How Happy Reply can help you build beautiful questionnaires (Part 2) 😃

Hi! It’s so good to see you again for more HowTo  stories about using HappyReply to be awesome!! 😺

In part 1 we wrote about our core mission

Get customers to tell you how they feel about your product or service

and we took you through the easy process of creating questionnaire name and description, describing how the questionnaire creation interface looks, how to differentiate between the different types of questionnaires and how we loved that you read all the story and didn’t fall asleep ✊ 😄.

Now we will be going deeper into how the Survey Settings Section on the create questionnaire interface functions

Let’s Go!!

The below is the survey settings tool bar that will help you build those

 bomb 💣 questionnaires.

It is found by clicking on the red plus icon found on the bottom right corner of the create questionnaire interface. (See part 1)

It has three sections

Question Types which we spoke on in part 1 of our HowTo story.

Survey Theme

You can click the chose button to upload your own image or you can select one of the images provided in that section.


This above is an example of how the questionnaire will look to the customer completing it. Ensure that there is sufficient contrast between the words and the background image so that the words are easily seen.

Additional Options

This section provides the following

A *preview survey* command that allows you to see what the survey will look like

A *share survey* command that allows you to share the questionnaire via different mediums. When you click the link you will see these options

SHARE LINK via social media platforms, EMBED, send it as an MESSAGE using email, MOBILE APP that sends the questionnaire to tablets (which we provide at a reasonable price 😃), or send it to that CSR or SALES AGENTS in your organization.

A *video link* that allows you to play a video in the background of your questionnaire when it’s on the tablet.

When you click on the video icon a dialogue box will appear requesting that you add a video.

You could add something like this. 😏

Well… Not like this but you get the picture, (or the video in this case 😆 😐).

We have come to the end of another 💣 HowTo series on using HappyReply to satisfy your customers.

In part three (3),we will speak about the Happy Communityyy ….. (Yes I know my rhymes are horrible )

If you have any questions here is my contact

You can also reach out to me on facebook, linkedin  and twitter if you have any more questions you want answered immediately.

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