How Happy Reply can help you build beautiful questionnaires ( Part 1)

Now that you and I know that Happy Reply is the easiest way to get your customers to talk to you, let’s talk about what happy reply has that can help you make your customers happy.

As described is the previous blog

Happy reply is an emoji-based research instrument that helps businesses build questionnaires that persuade customers to complete them.

So our product design has one Core Mission

Get customers to tell you how they feel about your product or service

So how does that work?


Well, after you have signed up or signed in to happy reply, you will be redirected to your dashboard interface that has all the fun tools you can use.


On the navigation bar you will see various options, but you’re only interested in creating an emoji questionnaire now so let’s do that.

Click on the *new survey* link that is after the *dashboard link*. You will see a pop up that looks like this:


You have the option to name the survey and provide a short description.

Click create survey and you will be navigated to the fol interface.

This interface allows you to add the questions and emoji responses for your questionnaires.

For now it has two slides, welcome and finish, but you will be able to add more.

The welcome slide has the name and description you provided, and it will be what the customer initially sees when he/she is completing the questionnaire.

The interface is split into two (2) sections, one (1)section has the number of slides that is predefined and will be added to overtime to the left and the section that allows you to add questions to the right.

How do you add questions? Good question! (Get it?)


In the lower right corner of the right section you will see a plus icon in red, click on it.


After clicking it you will see a vertical bar that pops up from your right which provides a list of *question types* that allow you to choose the different question types you want to add to the questionnaire.


You have these options to chose from to design your question in the way you want it.

If you choose *multiple choice question* this is how it will look


If you choose the*matrix question* this is how it will look


If you choose the *slider question* this is how it will look


If you choose *range question* this is how it will look


Each option has a set of icons that allows you to edit the questions and responses that will reflect what information you want to get from your customers.


This icon set can be found to the right of each question and response.

The plus icon gives allows you add a new answer to the question you have created.

The pencil icon allows you to edit the question and response.

The trash icon allows you to delete the question or responses you want to delete.

Whew! Thank you for making it this far. I know it can be abit overwhelming when learning a new way of doing something but don’t worry I will be here to help you along the way.

That’s it for now. In Part 2 I will go deeper into how the Survey Settings Sectionon the create questionnaire interface functions

If you have any questions email @

You can also reach out to me on facebooklinkedin if you have any more questions you want answered immediately.
See You for part Two (2)

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