For Restaurants



The taste of your customer evolves so why not evolve with it.

Test the menu items so you don't waste your money

Creating a menu is difficult because identifying what your customers really want without wasting money is hard to do. Now you can use our product to identify what customers want, reduce waste of items that are not in demand, and test new food and drink menu items to know if you're in tune with their taste buds

Customers love emojis

Physical questionnaires offend customers, simple. Our app automates the process to capturing customer opinion, uses emojis to motivate customers to complete your questionnaires, and removes the manual task of analyzing the results.

Build relationships with your customers

You can use our app to capture contact information about your customers e.g email, name, mobile number, to tell them about delicious menu items, upcoming events you plan, discounts, customer appreciation opportunities and the list goes on.

Gain insight into the experience as they interact with you

Ask about menu request accuracy, speed of fulfilment, food quality, the overall restaurant experience, or whatever else takes you want to ask, using emoji options and a range of other question types.

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