At it’s core, what is customer service?

Being Human is what it is all about. That is it. Give your customers an experience that makes them want to stay with you. How?

At our company we use a simple yet effective process. Express Empathy, Manage Expectations, End with Happiness.


Express Empathy.

Your customer is human, so be human when tending to their needs. How would you want to be treated by a business if you were their customer? Have you ever received horrible customer service from a customer service representative? Instantly you can put yourself in the place of your customer and if you are able to do that then you can empathize with your customer and how you interact with him/her changes for the better so Express Empathy. 


Manage Expectations.

DO NOT MISLEAD YOUR CUSTOMER. Always communicate the reality of the situation without damaging your company brand or saying something that will cause an end to the relationship. Expectations are apart of every relationship and expectations should be met but being clear on what your company can do and cannot do is more important so ALWAYS BE HONEST and Manage Expectations.


End with Happiness.

As much as you can, end on a good note. Not all conversations will end the way you want and frankly, some may end bad, but at all times attempt to end with respect and with positive energy, even the angry customers deep down, likes when you End with Happiness.


That is what Customers Service is about, BEING HUMAN.

Our application HappyReply can help you connect with your customer to empathize, manage expectations and end with happiness.


If you have any questions here is my contact

You can also reach out to me on facebook, linkedin  and twitter  to talk about how we can help you satisfy your customers.

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